• Access Control System


    We offer modern solutions that allow you to control access to rooms and identify users which will significantly increase the security of your company. We have many kinds of security measures – ranging from access control systems, through proximity cards, to biometric readers. Access cards are contactless type, small, fast, practical and reliable.

    The access control system incorporates proximity cards (no need to insert it into the reader), key rings or masked identifiers. The user decides when and where the card will be used by waving it over the reader.

    In addition, we successfully implement access control systems based on long-range identification. It means that a user with an identifier will be located whenever they are within a few meters of the access control readers. This gives enormous freedom to use the access control system and provides information about the current number of people located in the administered object.

  • Access Control System


    Time and Attendance system is an ideal solution for any company, regardless of its size or the nature of its business operations. It is used by employers and employees from many industries, ranged from administration, industry, educational centers, healthcare, uniformed services to service companies.

  • Access Control System


    Our offer includes automatic, electromechanical and hydraulic parking barriers. Parking blockades support entries to parking lots, government facilities, military facilities, closed areas of industrial plants, etc. Parking barriers can interoperate with spike parking lots to increase security of an area.

    The barriers can be operated from the gatekeeper's or security detail’s booth with the use of a button, magnetic card combination lock or radio remote control. Automatic locks can also be opened using a GSM mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Access Control System


    In order to protect the life and property of road users or enclosed space, it is recommended to use protective road bollards. They inform about the need for extreme caution and come in various types and sizes.

    Our offer includes integrating automatic road bollards - a modern alternative to traditional barriers. They can be integrated into the access or CCTV system and allow you to block and secure a passage or parking spaces in crowded urban areas.

  • Access Control System


    RFID readers are the simplest and most popular devices which identify people or objects with the use of proximity method. Failure-free and contactless, they are implemented in companies, enterprises and institutions, ranging from the smallest to the global ones.

    We integrate a wide range of innovative products for the low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF). It is possible to combine systems with different frequencies ensuring a high flexibility of application. Our specialists can precisely choose a device for a specific application by omitting features which are not relevant to the solution.

  • Access Control System


    Turnstiles, also called baffle gates, are used in access control systems. Their main function is to control and verify persons passing through them. They serve as protection against unauthorized access to the secured object.

    We integrate systems to all types of turnstiles, among others:

    • Low Turnstiles (Implemented e.g. in Office Centers, Swimming Pools, Sports Halls)
    • High Turnstiles (e.g. in Sports Stadiums, Workplaces)
    • Swing Gates (e.g. in Stores)

  • Access Control System


    Portable proximity transponder reader is designed to register the presence of people at designated points of the object or area. The device is mainly intended for verification of circuits made by guards, but it can also be used in other situations where there is a need to control the presence of people located in remote areas.

    In order to install the PATROL system, you need to place the control points in the selected locations of the building or area and configure the reader. Each control point and person identifier can be assigned names (labels), which will later significantly facilitate the interpretation of the history of recorded events.

  • Access Control System


    Having your home or office broken in to can be a devastating situation. The monetary loss you may suffer from stolen items and broken windows or doors; it’s a violation of your personal or office space. This is where intrusion detection systems can come in handy. Most burglars are looking for easy targets; unsecured buildings where they can get in and out before anyone knows what happened. Most burglars will ignore alarmed properties in favor of easier targets. Even if they do decide to attempt to break-in to your space, these sorts of systems can quickly alarm you, helping catch the perpetrators before they can cause any long-term damage.