Public address system is an efficient tool in broadcasting pre-defined messages or live announcements throughout the premises or a specific location of the building. Integrated fire alarm with public address system further simplifies the evacuation operation by delivering evacuation messages/spot announcements. It provides a clear view of the problem with necessary action to be taken following fire detection. Voice alarm system is the most reliable way to evacuate people from the premises without panic and is recommended for all public / multi-story buildings having over four floors.

Key features:

  • Suitable for public / multi-story buildings with a large number of occupants
  • Spot announcements / zone announcements
  • Provides additional information of an incident following fire detection
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Ensures quicker and more efficient evacuations.

Our engineers decide how the installation should look in a particular place while considering many factors. Whether it is a school or kindergarten, an office or a health clinic – first they analyze its needs very carefully so that the installed system has all the required features and offers all necessary functionalities.

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